We have 5 sense organs. We percept through 5 different ways. Based on that 5 structural peculiarities ,we could percept the universe.

 The body interacts with universe through these 5 sense organs. All structures in the universe are made up of pancha mahabhutas(pancha= five). Nature of functioning of these structures are identified with Tridosas(Vata, pitta, kapha). Tridosa is present in each and every cell. Dosa is a collective term for various functions, but they have common characters. Build up process which is anabolic are done by kapha dosa. Transformations are done by pitta. Vata is responsible for breakdown/ catabolic process.

The disease occurs due to the imbalance of dosas in the body. Their balance is health. In order to maintain health, we have to bring the vitiated dosa in to balanced state. This is the treatment principle in ayurveda. Medicines, diet and your activities have excellent role in bringing the dosa to normalcy.  



Basically the treatment principle in ayurveda is very simple. Sodhana(Elimination therapy) and Samana(Pacification)

The dosas or the toxic substsnces which is formed in the body should be eliminated. Otherwise it causes major diseases in the body. Ayurveda advises periodic elimination of dosas from the body. also in the diseased conditions. It is not a simple purgation. The physician have to analse the condition of body, disease and mind of the patient. There is certain rules should be followed by the patient. The condition of the patient matters. if he is an inflammatory or in any fever condition, purgation is not allowed. Also have to constantly moniter the status of patient. Choosing of drugs for purgation is important. Only get result when proper medicine is administered in adequate dose. otherwise somany complications maay happen



Panchakarma is a unique approach of ayurveda with specially designed five procedures of internal purification of body through the nearest possible route. Such purification allows the biological system to return to homeostasis and to rejuvenate rapidly also facilitate the desired pharmaco- therapeutic effects of medicines used thereafter.

Revival of interest in in ayurveda has provided a drift to medical tourism in the country. There has been a phenomenal increase in the demand for specialized therapies of ayurveda , particularly panchakarma , not only for treatment of disease but also for preventive and promoting health. Panchakarma not only eliminate the disease causing toxins but also revitalizes the tissues.




Pathya refers to the specific and scientifically intended nutrition and regimen getting fixed for the specific patient in accordance to his unique cause circumstances of disease(s). By not scientifically modifying the diet and regimen of the patient for reversing the cause and circumstances of the diseases, attempting to reverse the disease by doing treatment is height of absurdity . In Modern Medicine, there is no pathya because, they hardly attempt for reversal of disease. Rather they attempt for suppression, blocking, external supply of synthetic chemicals, alteration, symptom modification etc by specific artificial means .The concept of scientifically congenial nutrition and regimen is of low importance as their mode of approach and very objective of treatment itself  is not reversal of disease but “control” or symptom modification (suppression). But Ayurveda technically  defines treatment as reversal of cause and circumstances of disease and producing health . Any other attempts for symptom suppression by means of which any kinds of complications arise etc are called as “Ashuddha chikitsa”( impure treatment) in Ayurveda, which is recommended to be abandoned by all physicians. So lack of scrupulously following pathya for a specific period by any patient will never ever produce recovery of the disease for sure. Similarly administration of unscientific nutrients and practice of unscientific regimen  or treatments even in the minute most form will lead to fast aggravation of the disease by favouring  its  specific cause and circumstances .


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