Ayurveda Map is the place where natives as well as foreigners search for their suitable ayurveda centres. We have no attachment to any person or centre. Our motto is to spread the uniqueness of ayurveda to more people and analyse how ayurveda treatment is benefitted to the concerned. We only provide the details of recognized centres across india (now focoused on kerala). We are classified centres according to your budget

what we do & why

  • To inform public about various ayurveda centres and specialities
  • promoting the centres which are maintain good standards and quality of treatment.
  • Avoid the centres which are running by unauthorised persons
  • Clearing your doubts regarding ayurveda from authentic persons
  • Choose your best ayurveda centres and Ayurveda packages according to your needs get maximum result without emptying your pocket.
  • How was your ayurveda treatment experience . Is it benefitted? .we are analyzing with your testimonials.

Ayurveda Map is an exclusive website that gives  information about ayurveda hospitals, resorts and spa in Kerala, the capital of Authentic Ayurveda .Beneficial to all who love ayurveda and to taste the healing touch it provided to the humanity. Search and finding of speciality centres also possible. main highlight of this website is , you can ask any doubts relating to ayurveda in discussion page. The qualified experts will only answer your queries.  You can contact individual doctors from this site itself. We provide a directory of ayurveda doctors in india. The ayurveda centres will post exclusive offers and ads for you.

Please regularly check your deals.  Latest news related to our sites and subjects you can read from that page. We publish ayurveda related scientific articles which are only coming from authentic sources. We will help you to find the best centres according to your needs. Utilize ask to us box for that. We only provide you the recognized centres which are running by qualified experts having accommodation facilities. So you need not worry about the treatment. We classified hospitals and resorts separately and categorized into 4 classes according to your budget. So you can enjoy the services what you expect.

We provide all essential informations while choosing a hospital or resorts, ie their certifacations, doctors, beds etc. So come fall and suck the juice we provide. You will be totally happy and calm. Drop your worries and enjoy ayurveda.


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